These elected student leaders perform essential roles within the Wind Ensemble. As both a curricular course and a student organization, the Wind Ensemble’s student leadership are tasked with diverse responsibilities, including administrating tours, managing publicity, concert recording/archiving, and financial development.


Ben swack

Ben Swack (’19) : President 

Ben Swack is a euphonium player and a member of the class of 2019. He majors in neuroscience and is involved in Circle K (a service organization), and is a brother in the music fraternity Phi Mu Alpha. He has previously served as Treasurer for the Wind Ensemble.

The President is responsible for running all official meetings and presiding over all business relating to the Wind Ensemble that is not included in the domain of the Band Director and works closely with the Band Director, serving as a student representative for the Wind Ensemble.


Quinton Olson (’19): Vice PresidentQuinton Olson

The Vice President oversees the duties of the Publicity Chair and Tour Director and is also responsible for managing social events, held on a regular basis for band members.


Francesca Babetski (’20): SecretaryFrancesca

Francesca Babetski is a senior majoring in History and Hispanic Studies. She has played the flute for nine years and the piccolo for five. In addition to serving as Wind Ensemble’s secretary and librarian, she is involved in W&M’s Peer Advising program as the Vice President of Training. After graduation, Francesca will be taking a gap year before starting law school.

The Secretary is responsible for taking attendance at rehearsals and mandatory events and reporting absences to the President and Director.  The Secretary must also take minutes at all Officer Board meetings and keep accurate records of these minutes.

Aiden Harbick (’20): Treasurer

Aiden Harbick is a trumpet player and a member of the class of 2020. Although currently undeclared, he plans to major in Physics. Aiden is also a member of the Wham Bam Big Band and a brother of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfoinia.

The Treasurer is responsible for collecting dues and managing the Wind Ensemble’s Student Organization bank account. The Treasurer is expected to keep clear, accurate financial records, pay bills when due, write checks for donations when appropriate, and report expenditures and the total amount in the Wind Ensemble Student Organization account.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson (’21): Publicity Chair

Sarah is a sophomore that is currently working on her neuroscience major. Along with a passion for baking, she is a diligent member of  the Nu Kappa Epsilon sorority.  


The Publicity Chair is responsible for actively advertising Wind Ensemble events, such as concerts, and fundraising events, and is also in charge of any Publicity Committee created by the Officer Board.



Elena Showalter (’21): Tour Co-Director 

Evelyn is a member of the class of 2021, has not yet declared a major, and plays oboe in the Wind Ensemble. She also studies piano and is a brother in the Delta Tau Omicron music fraternity as well as working as an accompanist for W&M’s Opera Workshop.

Elena Calderone ( ): Tour Co-Director

The Tour Co-Directors work with the Treasurer on fundraising efforts directly related to raising money to go on tour.  The Tour Co-Directors also actively collaborate with the President and Band Director in designing the tour and designing travel details and other logistical matters.

Jarod Worden (’19): Media Director

Jarod is a Tuba player for the Wind Ensemble and has been playing the tuba for 3 years. He is currently working on his physics major and enjoys swimming and playing video games.

The Media Director is responsible for recording and archiving concert audio/ video as well as maintaining Wind Ensemble media on its web page.